The Art of Dentistry

One of the reasons I went into dentistry in the first place is that I always loved working with my hands. While I was attracted to science at an early age and enjoyed studying biology, I was also continually involved in artistic pursuits throughout my youth. I knew that for me to be happy in a career, I had to be able to blend my two passions, and dentistry has proven to be the best of both worlds for me, combining art and science in delivery of care to my patients. I thoroughly enjoy the daily challenges of 'mini-sculptures' in the mouth as I carve fillings, match shades of porcelain, and compose the perfect veneer or crown. My abilities to provide aesthetic care have been even more enhanced as I embraced Cad-Cam technology, a computer aided system that allows me to take on the intricate process of crown design, where I can now have even more input into the process of aesthetic characterization as I work to individualize the dental procedures I perform to meet the unique needs of my patients.

While I love the art of dentistry, I have never neglected my enjoyment of artistic endeavors outside of the office, and I am actively involved in painting, sculpting, furniture building, marquetry, stained glass, and iron work. I find that taking time for these hobbies enriches my dental skills, and has provided me with connections to discover my own patients' artistic interests.

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