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Barbara C. Mackie

Dear Dr. Kayes,

I am writing not only to thank you for being our dentist for the past nine years, but to express our particular gratitude for transforming my smile as well as my husband's by providing the porcelain crowns, veneers, and laminates for most of our teeth. Your artistry was noticeable immediately, and both of us have received numerous compliments on our straight, white teeth--no braces involved!

I must admit that I was hesitant to undertake so huge a transformation at first, but Roy and I decided that because you were so highly recommended by an oral surgeon in Fairfax, we'd endure the pain and the expense. Dr. Kayes, there was very little pain, and the fee was less than other dentists in the area who claim to provide "spa" dentistry. We simply wanted excellent dentistry--and that is exactly what we received from you and your wonderful support staff.

We are so thrilled with our "new" teeth that we wanted you to know. Each day when we look in the mirror we no longer see yellowing, crooked, dull teeth--all thanks to you. You may use us as references for any of your patients who may have doubts. We'll tell them what the oral surgeon told us, "Kayes is an excellent dentist; in addition, he's an artist!"

Barbara C. Mackie

Jim and Fran Perryman

We have been patients of Doctor Kayes for more than thirteen years. That fact alone should be testimonial enough! Prior to retiring from military service, we lived in various locations throughout the Country and had numerous dentists. Stanley Kayes is “hands-down” the best of the best! He is compassionate, personable, highly competent, and essentially PAINLESS! A visit to his office is as close to a pleasant experience as a trip to the dentist can be. Further, his staff members are every bit as professional in their individual positions, and their sincerity and true concern for patient needs help to provide for a “family” atmosphere in his Haymarket facility. The loyalty he engenders in his employees is exemplified by Karen Bobst, his financial coordinator, who has been with Doctor Kayes as long as we have been his patients. With the most advanced dental equipment and procedures available, Doctor Kayes continues to maintain our teeth in top condition, even in our seventy-seventh year!! We consider him as much our friend as our doctor and recommend him without reservation!

Jim & Fran Perryman
Haymarket, Virginia

Wayne Grindle

I have been seeing Dr. Kayes for over 30 years. Starting in the small office attached to his home, I have watched his practice grow to what it is today. Dr. Kayes has always been on the leading edge of dental innovations and technology. He is always finding new ways to help his patients get the best care. My wife and children have also been patients for a very long time.

I have had many challenging issues with my teeth over the years, and Dr. Kayes' team has met everyone. I am most thankful for the smile that I received from a new technology that Dr. Kayes adopted. I have severe staining due to a medication taken as a baby. Dr. Kayes suggested that I try a new technology at the time (bonding). I look forward to the veneer process this fall that will be a permanent solution.

I wish the very best for continued success in the future.

Wayne Grindle, Jr.

The Morris Family

A sincere thank you to Dr. Kayes and the wonderful staff that compromise the best dental practice in Haymarket. We have been patients of Dr. Kayes for about 15 years. There is such a sense of commitment that Dr. Kayes and his staff have to their patients. It begins with the front office staff and their warm welcome as soon as you walk in the very cheery dental office with an art gallery flair. The staff is friendly and truly care about you as a person, not just your dental care. Dr. Kayes is very skilled, friendly and has a great sense of humor. His skill and love of dentistry is evident. He fills cavities quickly and painlessly. You do not need to fear coming to the dentist if you see Dr. Kayes and his staff. In fact, you might even look forward to it!

Terri, Steve and Kelly Morris
Haymarket, Virginia

Lisa Hein

My husband has been coming to your office for a while now and highly recommended your practice. Recently getting married and moving away from my previous dentist, I am glad I took his advice. You guys were great. The dentist is not something I look forward to going to, but you guys were so gentle and explained things thoroughly, it made the root canal/ crown procedure stress free. Thank you!

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