Taking Dentistry to New Heights

Stanley F. Kayes, DDS PC

With an office located in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we have found that our "New Heights" theme is a great visual way to showcase both our local scenery and tell a little about ourselves and our passions for enjoying outdoor activities.

However, "New Heights" also highlights our practice philosophy, conveying values as health care professionals to strive to provide up to date, comprehensive, and compassionate care to patients while understanding that the doctor's role also extends to the community at large. Below are our seven "New Heights" pledges for patient care.

  1. Emphasis on Preventive Care

    We pledge to go beyond the notion of "drill and fill" dentistry by providing proper preventive care to help patients end the cycle of recurring dental decay and infection, and to use dental procedures that provide minimally invasive dental care to preserve healthy tooth structure.

  2. Collaboration With Patients

    We pledge to provide comprehensive and focused care in collaboration with patients, taking time to listen to their needs, and to work in an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and fun for our patients.

  3. Dental Care Related to Total Health Care

    We pledge to consider patients' total health as part of their dental treatment. We understand that dental problems may be interrelated with overall physical or emotional health problems, and we work to help our patients achieve optimal health and well being.

  4. Up-to-Date Technology

    We pledge to stay up-to-date with technology in dentistry, being mindful not to "jump on board" with the latest trends without carefully evaluating benefits of new equipment, materials, or methods.

  5. Up-to-Date Education and Training

    We pledge to ensure that professional education is ongoing, with attendance at conferences and trainings, and with adherence to regular and thorough review of professional journals, reading about related medical fields as well as dentistry.

  6. Positive Work Environment for Employees

    We pledge to provide a positive work atmosphere for our employees, including high-quality training and employee and family-friendly benefit packages to ensure that our staff is happy, knowledgeable, and fully able to provide the utmost in care for our patients.

  7. Community Responsibility

    We pledge to extend beyond private practice to recognize community responsibilities, providing care for underserved through charitable programs and delivering health education through newsletters and talks to groups of all ages.