Stanley F. Kayes, DDS


I received my undergraduate degree in biology at Virginia Tech, and a Master of Public Health degree in Community Health Education from the University of Tennessee. I received my dental degree from the Medical College of Virginia. I maintain membership in the Northern Virginia Dental Society and the American Dental Association, and have earned fellowship status in the Academy of General Dentistry. I have also pursued advanced training in computer aided design of crowns and implant placement.

My Early Life

I spent my early years living on a family farm in Ohio. We grew much of our own food and my father raised a few cows, chickens, and other animals while he worked as a mechanical engineer in a small factory in Mansfield, Ohio. I enjoyed exploring the out-of-doors and playing with the animals, and I remember helping my mother with gardening and collecting eggs. I learned how to use tools and constructed my own toys from scraps of wood.

When I was ten my father was transferred to the Washington D.C. area and we moved to North Springfield, Virginia. I found a lake a few blocks away. I rediscovered using tools, and with plans my mother found in a magazine, I constructed a kayak to paddle my way on the water. In high school I discovered a passion for science, working as a biology lab assistant, and found another good use for my enjoyment of tools, designing and building the sets for high school plays.

After high school I went away to Virginia Tech, majoring in biology and considering a medical career. I found time to explore the areas of Blacksburg off-campus, making long bicycle trips into the surrounding country side, canoeing on the New River, and hiking the local mountain trails.

How I Chose Dentistry

After graduation and newly married, my wife Maureen and I applied and were accepted to University of Tennessee, Knoxville graduate programs in public health. I earned a Masters of Public Health degree in community health education. Maureen was earning her master’s degree in public health nutrition, and had a rotation through the medical campus in Memphis. While eating at the cafeteria, she observed the dental school store and was intrigued with the instruments and supplies the students were purchasing. Knowing my love of science, art, mechanics, and particularly tools, she suggested I look into dentistry as a course of study. It was serendipitous that my older brother’s roommate from Virginia Tech was attending the Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry at that time and as a result of a wonderful conversation with him, I decided to apply for admission and was accepted.

Coming To Haymarket

When I graduated from dental school, I had some big decisions to make. Planning on where to set up a practice involves a long-term commitment to a geographic area, to a community, to patients. When the town of Haymarket was suggested to me as a location that needed a dentist I came out for a look along with Maureen. It was love at first sight for both of us. The mountains, the rural atmosphere, the tranquility, and the friendly people I met spoke to me that this was home. I made my decision that afternoon to set up roots here and opened a practice six months later.

Decades later I still practice in this town, and although things have changed somewhat, I still see that the basic values that brought me here remain in force. I feel the neighborliness shine when I see families on the soccer fields and it brings back fond memories of my own children's sports activities in Long Park. I see my life enriched daily as delightful new patients come to my office, joining the dental 'family' that is my practice. I share in lives that change over the years, seeing my youngest patients grow up, form families of their own, and then entrust their own children to my care. I share with my adult patients who have been with me over the years our common feelings about the ups and downs of life. All in all I feel that my dental practice means much more to me than simply fixing teeth - it has been an honor to be part of the tradition of being a health care practitioner, and I face the future with the same commitment I have always had, to provide care not only in terms of technical competency, but also with the ideal of forming a long-lasting relationship with every patient I meet.

My Current Life Outside The Office

Maureen and I have four adult children, and four grandchildren. My life has gone full-circle as I now live in the country in Marshall, Virginia, moving here when I found some land that brought back memories of the farm I grew up on. I used my building skills that were honed as I worked in construction in college and dental school, and we built a house that overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains.

My personal hobbies still involve the arts and the outdoors. My main artistic passions are sculpture and oil painting. The office has many of my oil paintings hanging on the walls. I also enjoy making wood furniture and cabinetry for my home and office, and have taken up both photography and videography, and had fun creating the videos for this website. My current outdoor interests include running, mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing. I have completed two Marine Corps marathons. I also enjoy gardening and farming and am raising chickens, bees and blueberry bushes.

As for family, that has come full-circle as well, as all of my children have come to love outdoor adventure as much as I do. I have enjoyed exploring the Pacific Northwest with my son in Seattle and and hiking in the Rockies while visiting my daughter who lived for a time in Colorado. Another son lives locally and took time off to hike the Appalachian Trail. My other son and his family live in northern Virginia and he and his children have taken up kayaking on the same neighborhood lake I explored as a child. It is a dream come true to enjoy paddling on my favorite childhood haunt with three generations together. Excited about these new opportunities for fun, I completed building a new kayak to further enjoy the local waters and look forward to many more years of exploration and discovery with family.