Cosmetic Dentistry

We are proud of our cosmetic dental services at this office. With the art background of Dr. Kayes leading our passion, we find that helping patients achieve a healthy and attractive smile is a favorite part of dentistry, and one that is not limited to full-mouth dental “makeovers.” We consider that everything we do at this office is artistic, and providing a beautifully sculptured composite filling in a back molar or working to achieve healthy looking soft gum tissue is as every bit as important as constructing six front teeth veneers.

Of course we are happy to consult when there is a need for major aesthetic dental work. Whether teeth are missing or worn down, stained through years of use, or need some realignment, we can offer the latest in cosmetic services, including veneer placement, in-office whitening, implants, and Invisalign invisible orthodontic services. We take time to consult to help patients make the right choice among many options, and promise that we inform and educate with no pressure to complete any cosmetic procedure. We also pledge to maintain ethical standards and promote the retention of healthy tooth structure, so we will encourage the most conservative options available to achieve aesthetic results.