Care After Crown Placement

Your gums may feel slightly sore for the remainder of the day after the crown is prepared, but they should not be inflamed or painful. If you have a problem, call the office.

Crowns are placed on teeth with huge fillings or fractures. There is always the possibility that a tooth that has no apparent pathology may in fact be dying and may require a root canal in the future. The same things that cause a tooth to need a crown are the same types of things that cause stress to the nerve of a tooth and cause it to die. If a nerve does die, a root canal can be performed through the crown and in most cases, the crown can be satisfactorily repaired with bonded resin.

A crown is a long lasting dental restoration, providing you take care of your teeth. A crown's life is generally fifteen - twenty-five years. The chief cause of failure before is not usually due to the failure of the crown, but instead because decay at the crown-tooth margin takes hold and eats out underneath the crown.

If you have a temporary crown, it is glued on with temporary cement. It is designed to come off easily when your final restoration is ready for placement, but it may come off before then. Chew carefully in the area, and avoid sticky foods such as caramel or taffy. If your temporary does come off, give us a call and we can recement it at the office. If you are going out of town during the period you have the temporary, let us know. If you find yourself with the temporary off and you cannot get back to this office, you may reglue it yourself with DenTempĀ® or "oil of cloves", available at most pharmacies. Just use a drop of the liquid to soften the glue already in the temporary and replace the temporary back on the tooth, making sure it is properly lined up before biting hard on the plastic. Denture adhesive is an alternative if DenTempĀ® is unavailable

You must come in for regular three to six month dental examinations to provide proper after care for your crown or bridge. Be sure to floss daily, and use a fluoride rinse or gel to help protect your teeth if they appear very susceptible