Care After an Extraction


Some bleeding is to be expected the first 24 hours. Bite firmly on a gauze pad until bleeding stops, usually about two hours. If persistent bleeding occurs, continue biting on gauze pad or a wet tea bag for one-half hour. If bleeding is severe, call the office.


For remainder of day, eat only soft, cool foods. No hot liquids.

No Smoking or Alcohol

For the remainder of today no smoking or alcoholic beverages. These substances can cause excessive bleeding or a secondary bone infection known as dry socket.


Do not try to rinse out your mouth or spit forcefully for remainder of day. Beginning tomorrow, rinse mouth after meals with a solution of 1/4 teaspoon salt in 8 ounces (1 cup) water. Continue for two days.


Take medications as prescribed. Ibuprofen, (Advil or Nuprin) may be all you need for pain. You may double the labeled dosage of ibuprofen if necessary. If pain persists fill the prescription given at time of surgery or call for a prescription medication. If an antibiotic was prescribed, take as directed until it is all used up.

Bony Edges

Small bone fragments sometimes work up through the gum during the healing process. This is not part of the tooth and is a normal occurrence. It this causes any problems, call the office.

Pain in Ear

If severe pain develops that shoots up in the ear call the office as soon as possible. This can be a symptom of a postoperative infection and may need additional treatment.

If unusual symptoms develop please call the office. If a rash or itching develops while taking an antibiotic stop taking medication and call the office immediately