Air Abrasion Technology

Air abrasion technology is a mainstay for our office restorative procedures. We have several air abrasion instruments that we use to prepare teeth for restoration with filling material. Essentially air abrasion works as a gentle mini sand blaster, using mildly abrasive aluminum dioxide powder as the “sand.” This system is advantageous for our patients because we can use it in many cases to remove stains, bacteria, and decay from a tooth, without having to remove healthy, non-decayed structure as can be the case with a traditional dental drill.

We use this system for many different procedures. It is ideal for use in small fillings where we have easy access – the kind of decay shown often in children. We can gently clean away the decay without anesthesia and with the most conservative preparation to preserve healthy tooth. We also use this system as a final step in larger fillings before placing the filling material because its “sand basting” action helps provide a better surface for enhancing the bond strength (“gluing” of filling material to tooth) of composite resin restoration.