Dental Insurance and Finance

We realize that patients need to understand the financial aspects of treatment, and need options for affording dental care. Our staff takes the time to discuss treatment costs, and we provide a written treatment estimate of work to be performed. We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We can also arrange twelve month financing for major work.

We realize that insurance is important to our patients, and we are happy to file claims for our patients. We are participating providers with Delta Dental. Because we are so dedicated to providing optimal preventive care to avoid serious dental problems, we are not in-network with dental insurance plans that do not share the belief in the importance of preventive care. We feel strongly that taking time with hygiene visits and evaluating medical-dental interrelationships can save patients thousands of dollars over a lifetime by preventing need for root canals, periodontal surgery, and replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately lack of foresight in some managed care plans so severely limits payment for preventive services that it greatly hinders our ability to provide even basic preventive care. We are proud of our level of care for our patients and have had many patients return to our practice after receiving care through HMO or PPO network offices, telling us that not only did they feel more at home here, but that when evaluating total treatment costs, network offices were not a financial advantage for them.