We use a variety of soft and hard tissue lasers in our office to aid in diagnosis and for use in various procedures. Teeth, gums, lips, and tongues all react differently to the different wavelengths of LASER light. At this office, Dr. Kayes has received certification from the Academy of Laser Dentistry for the Nd:YAG, the Er:YAG, and the Diode lasers. The training involves the knowledge of what tissues react to which laser wavelength, safety issues involved, and the proper dosage and indications and contraindications for each type of LASER used in our office.

Dental lasers are used in this office for oral surgery, some types of periodontal surgery, as an adjunct preparation in crown preparation, and to aid in diagnosis of decay. A laser may frequently be the tool of choice for procedures, speeding up healing in many cases compared to traditional surgical techniques, providing minimal trauma to the area. A laser can also minimize or eliminate the need for anesthesia for some cases. Procedures such as eliminating tongue ties, uncovering implants, crown lengthening, or removing cysts and tumors can all be performed by a laser. In crown preparation, laser techniques can be used as a more comfortable procedure when used instead of retraction cord to prepare the gum soft tissue for a crown impression. Dental lasers can also be used for select periodontal surgeries such as gingival flap procedures, reducing post-operative healing times.