Diagnodent Laser Cavity Diagnostic System

The Diagnodent laser is used for finding hidden decay in teeth. It works by detecting the difference in fluorescence between healthy and decayed tissue. To get an idea of what the laser detects, one can think about the Smithsonian’s display of “glow in the dark” rocks. Decayed areas in teeth produce metabolic byproducts called porphyrins that “glow,” and Diagnodent is able to detect their presence, emitting a sound and providing a numerical reading to aid the dentist in diagnosis. Diagnodent cannot detect all decay because it only has a depth penetration of 2 millimeters. X-ray examination must still be used for decay hidden deep under existing fillings or deep between teeth. However, this instrument is wonderful as an advanced method for finding early decay that cannot be detected through other means, or for determining beginning decay around the edge of an existing filling.